Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Word on the street is... Batch C 2012 registration has started

Hey y'all,

Soooooooo, I've been stalking and re-stalking the NYSC official website for the Batch C 2012 timetable. All to no avail! BUT someone who frequents THIS site said she heard they already started registration!!! Although she went to the Lagos Secretariat and was turned back, she knows someone who completed registration. If this is the case, and going by last year's schedule, foreign grads registration will be over mid-October.

For registration tips, go to my post on Registration for Aje-butters.

PLEASE if anyone has indeed registered, and can get the timetable directly from NYSC HQ, send the info to me! It is URGENTLY NEEDED!


It's out now! Click here for the link to NYSC 2012 Batch C Mobilization Table. Can I just say that it's kinda *rhymes with BILLY* to post the timetable over a month AFTER registration has started! Can someone please show my Letter to NYSC post to a bigwig at NYSC?

Thanks to my lovely reader who gave me the info in the first place - you totally RAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you're gonna kick butt for Batch C!

Tenks a bunsh - Oh lawd, I'm losing my Aje-butter cred!



  1. timetable is now up :)

  2. and this is me you are talking about hehe... I"m off to ABJ next week to register.. By Gods grace. Some guy therw wanted my bbpin o! I told him he musto pay for my BIS! lol

    1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Of course! Your NYSC experience has started. OMG, you totally have to send me your stories to add here after I'm done!

  3. hiya! I'm a Batch C corp member and I'm already hating it -_-! I've been posted to Oyo and I so.can't.wait (heavy sarcasm)

  4. Hi Yinka! Awww, how's it going so far? Are you staying in camp or did you hightail it outta there? You can always get redeployed though. Gimme gist!