Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear NYSC...

Dear NYSC,

Hello! How are you? My name's Berry Choco Latte. I've been a part of your program since November 2011. I just have a few things I want to express now that our time together is drawing to a close.

  1. I know you're VERY busy, but would it kill you to update your website regularly? I've been stalking your home page for weeks, trying to get the time table for 2012 Batch C Orientation and Registration. All I see is a blank space after "Information for Batch C Orientation is..." and when I click on the supposed link to the time table, I'm getting Batch B's information. It's not fair for you to raise my hopes up, and then send them crashing down. Please, enh, biko, e jo, ____ (insert Hausa please here), por favor, per favore...
  2. What's the probability of taking some parts, if not all, of the registration process online? Ok, so maybe the issue is ensuring that the system isn't taken advantage of - I know for sure, a percentage of people would use false identification to sign up (they're already doing it now, so it wouldn't make a difference). But ok, how about after people have enrolled for NYSC, you capture their information online, give them codes and have them pre-register for camp. During this pre-registration process, they should be able to enter their clothes/shoe sizes, so you can ensure you send the appropriate kits to each camp. In addition, since you already know what sites/structures are being used for the camps, you can allot rooms BEFORE the new corpers get to camp. ALSO, you can let them know what platoons they're in. This should cut down on the billion and one forms you make them sign before getting to camp. Of course, there will be challenges for those people who work their way around by switching to new orientation camps, but I'm sure we can figure out a way to deal with those issues.
  3. Who in Nigeria's name makes the dreaded NYSC kits??? Do you have any officials that check the quality of the materials and workmanship? You wonder why people go and sew their own versions of kits - it's because YOURS SUCKS!!! Since I don't know who the uniforms and shoes are sourced to, I won't make any recommendations. I sha hope such things are given to underemployed communities to undertake.
  4. What will it take to revamp the orientation camps? I feel like the government should have allotted a budget to NYSC - how about working toilets, mattresses/beds that make sense, safe and secure locations, painted buildings, etc? Maybe people wouldn't be so eager to skip camp if they were comfortable. In addition, revamping would not be enough - MAINTENANCE is key! You work closely with MDG, innit? Last I checked, they were all about SUSTAINABILITY.
  5. Apply point 4 above to the Local Government offices and State secretariats.
  6. Something needs to be done about your website! I know I touched on it in point 1, but seriously. Why should I hear about commendable community development projects on social websites, but none of them are posted on your website? Encourage incoming and prospective corps members with the good things that have come out of your program. In fact, maybe you should hire me as your PR person - please note, I only fly (no road trips unless necessary) and I only stay in nice hotels.
  7. Create a survey for outgoing and current corps members and use the information and comments given wisely. There are a lot of intelligent people in your program with great ideas! Use them! Yes, I said it. USE US!
Erm, that's it for now. I may write another letter at the end of service, so look out for my correspondence.

Sincerely yours,

No hugs and kisses for you.


  1. Lol. I did my Nysc in 07 and I had the same concerns.

  2. The money was allotted...but never made it to its intended destination! LOL
    Naija we hail thee!

    1. you know this! naija style. I'm seriously dreading this NYSC experience sigh

  3. I"m the same person that has been stalking your site. So I'm in Nigeria now and I went to the NYSC office in Lagos today. I heard registration for Batch C hasnt started which was false information since a friend of mine has already registered smhhhhhh

  4. My sis went thru hell with this NYSC pple, it is a waste of time, but she completed hers this year, good luck to all.