Monday, August 6, 2012

Aje-Butter in the City... Take 1

Hola amigos!

Countdown to the end of my NYSC Year!!!!!!! At this point, I have 10 weeks left, give or take 2 weeks... We're supposed to be passing out mid-October, so I'm understandably giddy with excitement. Anyways, now that it's crunch time, I figured I should make use of the opportunity to explore and enjoy what Lagos has to offer - minus the crazy traffic and crazier drivers. And so here I am, sharing my experiences. My life can't be all business/NYSC and no fun, you know?

My go-to source for events is the weekly post every Thursday on Bella Naija. There are usually concerts,  shows, club events, shopping, etc. Since I'm more on the mellow side, I tend to stick to the quieter, tamer stuff. Some of the things I've indulged in recently are...


As an Aje-butter, I should totally be able to pronounce it flawlessly - however, I change the pronunciation every other time I say it. What is Le Petite Marche, you ask? This is a monthly shopping event where vendors converge to sell different items such as clothes, accessories, shoes, candy, beauty products and more. I kinda hate attending because I always leave with a lighter wallet (I promise I'm not a shopaholic). But they do have pretty things, and I love pretty things, so I just can't resist! (Ok, maybe I'm a baby shopaholic) Some of the things I've scored are rings, bracelets, blouses, a tank top and blazer on my different expeditions.

I totally love the design on this tank top - so Africhic! Btw, I always haggle at Le Petite Marche, telling all the vendors I'm just a poor corper and they should give me discounts :p

The yellow blouse is another top I've scored at Le Petite Marche... anyone recognize the shorts? YES, from my orientation camp days. See, you can find good use out of some NYSC gear. I bought them o, not that they were from NYSC... Speaking of which, I wonder where they source the uniforms from, and I'm thinking there must be a better way to ensure fit and quality across the board. I feel like I have these ideas, but no clue how to execute them, so I don't bother writing proposals to NYSC headquarters - shame :(


At the end of July, on the same day as Le Petite Marche, Chef Fregz had a special event at GET Arena. He is the resident BN Cuisine contributor over at Bella Naija - (BN Cuisine with Chef Fregz). He's a Nigerian celeb chef - trained for a bit in Paris and all too! I've had his food at a private dinner and it was TO DIE FOR (still dreaming about the souffle). So every few months, he holds a food event with a specially created menu. Since I love food, of course I had to swing by :)


Prada Eba Lamborghini Okro

Too Much Senrenre

Kukere I dey chop Chef Fregz

No, I didn't order all three dishes by myself. My friend, fellow corper/blogger (The Nigeria Experience) came with her family. I ordered the chicken dish, although in retrospect, I shoulda gone for the crepes - LOVE CREPES! I don't like garri or okro soup, but doesn't that dish look ah-MAH-zing?!


Terra Kulture's a cultural center in Victoria Island with the purpose of promoting Nigerian arts, language, food, and more. Every Sunday, there are stage shows/plays, which I'm really into. I've never been to the museum, shop or eaten their food, but it's definitely worth taking a peek at. A friend of mine is featured in their current Sunday show - Batonga, which is a play that talks about the issue of child slavery and human trafficking - pretty deep stuff. 

And there you have it! I'd like to do a little bit more - go jet-skiing, watch a concert, go to the beach (yes, I'm surrounded by water and I haven't yet visited any beach = disaster much?), and so on.

How much can I cram into a limited amount of time? Well, if I do anything fun, I'll be sure to take pictures and share them on here.

Berry :)


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