Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Been BERRY busy!

Hello honey boos!

First things first... NDO! PELE! FORGIVE ME, POR FAVOR! I'm so sorry it's been a little while. Truthfully, I just kinda needed a break. A social/internet blackout - turned off my BBM, [almost] deactivated my Facebook account, stopped reading blogs, etc. Sometimes, a girl just needs time to herself, ya know? Anyways, I'm back now, so look forward to more regular posts from yours truly.

Erm, 2012 Batch B corpers shoulda come out of camp yesterday (Tuesday). I hope you managed to have some amount of FUN! Now it's time for more stress :) My advice to you is to take time to breathe and relax this weekend - as long as you have submitted your posting letters and are waiting to hear back from the prospective employer OR you have received an acceptance letter from the employer and you have registered at your local government. It's going to be a looooooooooooong year.

Oooh, I have maybe 3 months maximum left to go!!!! #NYSCPassingOutCountdown (I love how I just make up twitter tags and I haven't got a twitter account.

Anyways, I took some time out to get a little creative a la my CD. And I've got pictures!!! My model is, ermmm, related to me somehow. If you know me personally, DON'T COMMENT and give me away o!





My "model" said she liked the make-up because she still looked like herself after I was done. *smiles*


This is just one piece I made. I was too tired to finish the others, but will post them accordingly.


In my CD, we were taught using this material called 'Sinamay.' But I wanted to try something different and found some felt material that I liked. It's not the best, but hey, I did it all by my oneses, without any supervision. 

So that's it! Oh, guess what I discovered today... tun tun DUN... I've TOTALLY forgotten how to tie a gele! *the HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Ah well, I'll practice another day.

Gotta leave youse... and I promise I won't be gone as long this time. 

God bless, hugs, kisses!

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