Thursday, July 5, 2012

Breaking NYSC news on AJBU FM/TV...

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

I am your host, Berry Choco Latte aka Candy Berry (I got a new nickname this weekend), and here is our top story on the NYSC Nigeria front... *FYI, my accent is easy to understand, unlike some dreadful newscasters on radio and tv - I dunno where they get theirs from*

In any case, NYSC Stops Posting Corps Members to the North - The NYSC Director General has mandated that 14,850 corps members who were posted to the following states: Bauchi, Gombe, Plateau, Kano, and Kaduna can apply for redeployment to other states. This is following numerous protests, calls and pleading from Batch B corps members, parents, and the public in general asking for the security of corpers. The previous stance by the NYSC DG was that the constitution called for all states to receive corps members. However, in light of the increase in violence (bombings and shootings a la Boko Haram), corps members posted to the region are expected to report to the Abuja NYSC headquarters for redeployment letters. In addition, corpers sent to Borno and Yobe States will complete their orientation camp 3-week period in Benue and Nasarawa States, respectively.

I think this is GREAT NEWS! The security and wellbeing of corps members and citizens in general is of utmost importance. Kudos to the DG for listening to the people.

Now if only the other Nigerian leaders would do the same...

Thank you for tuning in for today's NYSC news. As always, I am your Berryful hostess.

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