Monday, July 2, 2012

Under the sun AND in the rain...

Hello Berryboos/Booberries!

How are y'all doing? I'm doing pretty good. I had General CD last week Friday - as usual, a disaster with all the pushing, shoving, yelling just to get CD cards signed. As if it wasn't bad enough, our LGI (local government inspector) decided to combine signing the cards with our June Monthly Clearance. Well, before I left the house, I mentally prepared myself for a looooooooooong, stressful day. I was pleasantly surprised to be done before 2:30pm - It pays to be friendly with your NYSC officials.

Anyways, the reason why we started Monthly Clearance last week (wait, have I done a post on Monthly Clearance yet? I'll check and if not, expect a post soon) - so we started it early because 2012 Batch B Corps members are heading to their various camps TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! Fun times... Not really :p

The reason why I titled my post 'Under the sun AND in the rain' is because we are now at the beginning of the rainy season. I feel like I must alert my fellow aje-butter corpers to bring a raincoat/umbrellas/wellingtons to deal with the rain. I personally don't know what camp is like when it rains continuously - the one afternoon it rained during my camp, everyone took cover. However, the NYSC anthem says to

"lift our nation high, under the sun or in the rain..."

It might depend on your camp officials, but I wish you even more luck than I wish Batch A Corps members.

For your review, check out my series of posts on Surviving NYSC Camp:

Alrighty, gotta go! Work calls. Enjoy the next 3 weeks in camp.

Very tight big hugs and cuddles from me because the weather's frightful!


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