Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm a corper, NOT your plaything!!! GTFOHWTBS!

*insert BB angry face here!!!!!!*

Disclaimer: I am not judging anybody... only married men who think that female corpers exist for their personal consumption and amusement.

GTFOHWTBS!!!!! Erm, if you dunno what this means, then click HERE.

I realize this situation happens a lot and I should probably be used to it, or not be surprised by it, but OMG it makes me feel sick to my stomach... literally.

Someone in my office has hit on me, and all my female corper friends (about 4 or 5 of them - and within minutes of each other o). Truthfully, I have half a mind to report him to my supervisor. But since I can't do that, I shall send a letter to him and his friends... See below.

Dear Mr. Married Employee,

No, I'm not interested in a relationship or fling with you. I'm pretty sure I'm not even interested in speaking to you.

No, I don't have a phone number. I lost it the second after you asked me for it.

No, I don't need breakfast, lunch or dinner... I lost my appetite when you came to talk to me.

No, I don't need you to give me a ride... I need to break in my 10-inch heels on my 5km walk home.

No, I don't like Brazilian/Peruvian/Ugandan weaves... I think shaved heads are the next big thing.

What do I do on weekends? I avoid you.

Sincerely yours,

Not Your Berry!

The end.


  1. Nice work.......keep the good work going

  2. Oh goodness, the story of my life as a corper. Fortunately the foolery stopped with gist about my yankee degree (means one may be rich and not need a suga daddy) and my mum working a few floors down. I worked where everyone has money so the fools thought NYSC corpers were posted merely to be hit on. Truth is many female corpers are idiots and date these old men so they are used to not being rejected.

    You didn't add 'blackberry' in 2010 it wasn't so pure water so imagine a guy in our office was waiting for my friend to sleep with him for 50k (not even enough to upgrade her curve to a torch). Meanwhile our sensible boss 'dashed' us 50k each toward the end of service. The guy vexed and refused to contribute to the 'send off fund.'


    1. Buahahahaha! He can keep his money to himself!