Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So I passed out from NYSC - Miss B's post-NYSC interview

Hi BooBerries (hehe, I totally just came up with that, and mefinks I loike it uber-much!)

So, I hope y'all enjoyed Mimikins' interview last week. I found her interview to be interesting, not really critical of NYSC, and it had a more positive slant than I was expecting.

Well, I've got another interview today and I was SHOCKED to read her responses. Miss B is a no-nonsense, feisty chick and she clearly made her feelings known! I'll post my disclaimer now, as opposed to the end of her interview:

Dear NYSC-Leaders-Who-Happen-Upon-This-Blog-By-Chance, kindly consider 
that anything negative in the following interview are NOT MY words. 
Please do not use them against me when it's my turn to pass out. 
Berry loves you more than cake and ice cream... 
Ok, that last bit is a BIG LIE but you catch my drift :)

And now, my friend's interview...

  1. State your aje-butter credentials, according to Berry's definition (See my definition here: 

    I'm Miss B (If you know her, then that response actually says it all, lol)

  2. How would you summarize your NYSC experience from start to finish?

    My NYSC experience was traumatic to say the least. To me, NYSC is a scam and the officials go on ridiculous power trips with the aim of dehumanizing and traumatizing you. I learnt the true meaning of wickedness during this experience. The work aspect however, was great, I learnt a lot, met a lot of great people and I can honestly say the company I work for is has a pretty good company structure and thus, makes work a little easier. 
  3. What, if anything, did you learn during your NYSC year - personally and/or career-wise?

    Personally, NYSC is a joke and education is our biggest problem in this country. Careerwise- working in Nigeria is special and you need an extra dose of patience and a high tolerance for bs.
  4. What are your personal views on the current relevance of NYSC in Nigeria?

    There is no relevance period! The initial benefits of NYSC has since been lost and the system needs a total overhaul. It's simply a money making, power grabbing venture for the officials and the government.
  5. Why did you decide to go through NYSC?

    I just wanted to get it out the way and I was going through career/major life changes so I thought, why not bite the bullet now.
  6. What was your experience like in camp? Favorite/worst memories?

    LMAO. Err camp...I didn't stay in camp for medical reasons. I remember being sooo excited to go to camp but as soon as I stepped foot in the gate on my very first day, umm yea all that excitement stayed in the car. Worst memory...going to the ladies and almost puking from the nastiness that was the bathroom. Getting into my 'room' and realizing that there were 38 people in a room with a maximum capacity of 16 with no electricity and only 2 windows. The constant pushing and touching...people do not respect personal space and this was a big issue for me. Best memory...none....actually, walking out the gate after my exeat form was signed was pretty good.
  7. What would you change about the NYSC program?

    Everything! For one, make everything computerized...its the 21st century! Eliminate the need for weekly/monthly cd. Restructure the pay (allowee), negotiate with companies for better pay for corpers, improve/the quality of the uniforms. Utilize the massive man/brain power of the corpers to actually make a difference in the country. For instance, corpers are no longer being posted to banks, oil companies and such, but does it make sense to send someone who barely graduated with a 3rd class to be a school teacher? As a country, we need to invest in alternative means of farming, electricity, fuels,these are projects you can assign to corpers and make it competitive so that at the end of the year, corpers can make presentations/ suggestions based on the R&D they've done their whole service year. The best and most feasible solution will have the opportunity to implement their findings and actually make a change. Obviously this is an over simplified example but it can be done.
  8. What CD group did you join, and was the experience worthwhile?

    Charity (special CD). It was totally worth it. Charity visits/volunteer is something that's dear to my heart and I already do in my spare time, however, with NYSC, its just something to be done. There is no continuity or genuine interest because we were forced to do it.
  9. Do you have any advice for incoming aje-butter corpers?

    Expect the worst! Not trying to scare you but trust me, when u expect the worst/nothing at all, you're not disappointed. Logic and common sense don't work here. Don't argue because you end up looking crazy. Smile a will keep you sane.
  10. What are your plans post-NYSC?

  11. Bonus question: What are you going to do with your NYSC uniform/kit?

    I plan to have a burning/burial ceremony. Seriously, my uniform has been ripped and torn since the first day I got it so it's in the garbage. I'm only keeping my orange boots...I kinda like em.

And there we have it! I must say I thoroughly enjoyed getting her interview responses. And while anyone can look at them as being negative responses, I actually do think that there's some wisdom behind them. I don't know if NYSC as a whole tries to get feedback from ex-corpers, but it's worth looking into. The whole idea is to see what's working and what needs to be changed. There's so much that can be done through NYSC but are the leaders willing to put in the necessary resources? I believe that through NYSC, Nigeria can effect some positive change but there needs to be a plan - a sustainable one that will not die when a new head comes into position. 

Sometimes I wish I could be a consultant for NYSC. Go into the different secretariats, camps, and local government offices to see the current structure and recommend necessary changes. I'm going to post about my general cd next week (video included) and you'll see how riotous it gets...

Toodles BooBerries!


  1. Quite an interesting and real expo of what NYSC has become. Unfortunately, the NYSC Co-ordinators are hardly IT literate so may never read such beautiful analyses. Corpers should send such comments to any media house to publish.

    1. Thanks! It would be nice to have this blog featured in an article in a newspaper or larger blog for wider viewing. I'd really like the NYSC DG and other officials to get this feedback to help improve things in the future.

  2. Aww, Berry coco, you are in NYSC camp. I want to do my NYSC too. keep up the good work.

    Chi N.

  3. Found ur blog thru BN.

    I like it and i find it so amusing and cute..

    well said.. maybe u should go into it, like major in it.. it could be ur

    1. Thanks so much. The comments mean so much to me.

      I have this fantasy where Nigeria was better than it is, and I could be the NYSC poster/PR girl, helping to revamp the program from inside out.

      But I fear for my safety and security, so I'm not too sure about doing it.

  4. I agree with all Ms. B said, it's the truth! Now can I suggest that you, Ms.B and co. organize some type of task force or something that focuses on implementing these brilliant ideas of re-vamping the NYSC system. I believe it could be done, these (fools) probably aren't expose to think about such effective ways of organization, etc. You guys (that obviously know better) shdn't waste these great ideas, find the way and make a different!
    Lots of (youth)berry hugs ;)

    Barack Obama's nephew.
    (PS, forgive any gbagaun/typos)

    1. I totally meant:
      *niece, not nephew*


    2. *dead* @ niece, not nephew. Forgot yourself there for a bit, huh?

      Well, if I was really serious, I'd have to get down and write a proposal for submission to the NYSC DG, I think. It's a matter of how badly do I want to do it? *runs to hide because it's a loaded question*

  5. Haha! Thank you so much for this. I might be doing my NYSC in the near future, and I am terrified by this. Hell to no to doing camping! I am going to form sickness. Love this eye witness report!

    1. Don't mind Miss B. It's doable... I did it, after all. DO IT DO IT DO IT! Just pray to God to knock you senseless every night :p

  6. nice one latte, keep up the good work

  7. Thanks so much! Reading this post made me feel like I was the one being interviewed.