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So I passed out from NYSC - Mimikins' Interview

Hey y'all,

Congratulations to all the 2011 Batch B Corps Members who successfully passed out from NYSC on Thursday, June 14th! I wish you all well and trying hard not to be jealous of you. I was supposed to be in your batch but somehow convinced myself to postpone serving - #AlwaysListenToYourMummyWhenSheSaysToServeWith2011BatchB.

Anyways, like the last time, I've interviewed someone near and dear to me on her NYSC experience. Mimikins, as I fondly call her, served in Abuja and this is what she had to say...

  1. State your aje-butter credentials, according to Berry's definition. (See my definition here: Aje-Butter Definition)
    I was born and bred in London up until I was 23. Would say I came from a comfortable home, no complaints. We didn't have maids or cooks, etc because we don't do such in London, but I am your full aje-butter child... Well I was :-)

  2. How would you summarize your NYSC experience from start to finish?
    It was a smooth but bumpy ride. Don't regret it but wouldn't want to repeat it.

  3. What, if anything, did you learn during your NYSC year? Personally and/or career-wise?
    Career-wise, I learnt that I NEVER EVER want to become a civil servant! Gosh! They all look so miserable, that can't be me! Personally, I learnt how to adapt to the 'Nigerian way' of life, which is totally different to the UK. And I think I adapted quite well :-)

  4. What are your personal views on the current relevance of NYSC in Nigeria?
    I may get attacked for this, but I think NYSC is good for foreign-trained students, particularly those who have spent most of their life outside Nigeria. It's a totally different system and we must learn how to adapt because whether we like it or not, this is our country! And NYSC forces you to adapt. Aside that, I don't see the relevance of NYSC anymore.

  5. Why did you decide to go through NYSC?
    I didn't decide to go through NYSC by choice. Came to visit my mum one christmas and she somehow convinced me to stay back in Nigeria and 'serve my country,' lol.

  6. What was your experience like in camp? Favorite/worst memories?
    I absolutely loved camp!!! Not for the drills or anything because I didn't do any of that. But for the fun times with friends, the friends I made there. Mammy market at night made it that more exciting too, all those drunken moments, lol. My worst memories would probably be the cold water showers, before I discovered the woman that boils hot water, and of course, the toilet situation...

  7. What would you change about the NYSC program?
    Increase the nysc allowance according to where you're posted to. And change the attitude of those bitchy NYSC officials - we didn't force you to take the job.

  8. What CD group did you join, and was the experience worthwhile?
    I was made to join the Consumer Protection Council CDS group, and no, it wasn't worthwhile at all.

  9. Do you have any advice for incoming aje-butter corpers?
    I'll advice my fellow aje-butters coming to serve to learn humility. I was disgusted at the attitudes of some of the foreign-trained students - acting as if they were better than people who schooled in Nigeria, disrespecting their elders, etc. Humility is worldwide, and should be practiced everywhere you go. Another piece of advice - make sure you're fully protected against malaria, and don't drink water you're not sure of. Depending on how long the soon-to-be corper has been out of the country, their body may not be used to the environment again, so protect yourself.

  10. What are your plans post-NYSC?
    Still undecided whether to stay in Nigeria or go back to London for a bit. Time will tell I guess.

  11. Bonus question: What are you going to do with your NYSC uniform/kit?
    Was thinking of burning my corper uniform, but may give it to someone in my village :-)

And there we have it! Congrats again Mimikins!!! I wish you all the best as you move forward with your life.

*Note* I was not there by that time, regarding her comment about bitchy NYSC officials o. I LOVE ALL NYSC officials, and I'm not saying that only because I don't want to be caught and given unnecessary drama when it's my turn to pass out in October *insert BB straight face smiley*

Hugs n kisses,

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha.... The last bit's got me laughing 'my you know what' off! Great Interview Mims.