Monday, June 11, 2012

In NYSC News...

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In my last post, I was really distressed by the Dana Air crash. Things are still somber in Nigeria, but we have to pick ourselves up and move on. I know I said a while ago that I'd post interesting NYSC-oriented news items and comment on them. I'm not even sure if the NYSC news feed shows appropriate news content. Anyways, I went digging for interesting articles to share and here they are below:

  1. Female NYSC Members to learn Martial Arts - So the Director General a couple of weeks ago announced that female corpers would undergo martial arts training, because apparently they are being subjected to unwanted advances and molestation. His position is that he wants to empower female members to say NO in more ways than one.
    My comment: I quite like this idea but are they enforcing the training? In my camp there was time given to marching and martial arts, but only about 30 corps members participated in the martial arts training. Even I dodged it :(
  2. NYSC gives conditions to release corpers for Edo Gubernatorial Elections - INEC wants to use corps members as ad-hoc staff in the upcoming governor elections in Edo State. If everyone remembers the elections from last year, a lot of corpers were targeted and killed while working with INEC. This time around the NYSC DG says security must be ensured if corpers are to be released to INEC.
    My comment: Hmm! I dunno about sending corpers out to participate again o. Especially as the security situation in Nigeria's dicey.
  3. INEC - We'll secure corps members - And I quote, "We are going to extend the same security to Youth Corps members, even more security to them than our permanent staff. Fear should not be entertained because the commission has taken measures to ensure the security of our both adhoc and permanent personnel and even our materials."
    My comment: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. What measures were taken?
And there we have it, the round up of NYSC Nigeria in the news. This concludes our broadcast. I'm Berry Choco Latté, your hostess for BRRY - your source for Aje-Buttery NYSC information. See you next time. *flashes wide smile and begins to adjust papers on her desk like a serious newscaster*


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  1. NAwa o!!!! All these things sef they put fear for pesin body!