Thursday, February 28, 2013

NYSC Delta State Camp Review

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As you know, I like to contribute to another site - Review Naija - and the other day, I came across a review of the Delta State NYSC Camp by Nnamno N. It's really detailed and gives a good account of what the Orientation Camp was like, and I think it cuts across to all other camps in general. I've been generously allowed to "borrow" the post - which you can read directly at: NYSC Delta State Camp Review.

Posting-I was posted to Delta State. The camp is in a village called Isselle – Uku, about 20 minutes from Asaba, the capital. The moment you cross the gate, that is it - you cannot leave until the end of the 3 week orientation unless you’re extremely sick or near death. In my case the Camp Commandant i.e. the big shot soldier guy who is not to be messed with, sent all the pregnant women and nursing mothers home to re-register when they could be away from their children for the whole 3 weeks.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

So I passed out of NYSC - Miss T.D's Post-NYSC Interview

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How are ya? I hope you're having a pretty week. Can I just say "Thank God tomorrow's Friday?!" I can't wait for the weekend to come so I can rest (yeah right). Have y'all been checking out my other blog??? You have? Good boys and girls! *gasp* You haven't??? Go to the naughty corner now! If you are not reading Berry Dakara's Blog, YOU ARE WRONG! (lol, I had to throw in Corper language).

Ok, enough playing around. 2012 Batch A Corpers just passed out within the past week or two - A HEARTY CONGRATS from me! And as usual, I got someone from that batch to answer my interview questions. Without further ado, I present Miss T.D.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NYSC in the news...

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This is Berry, your news anchor, reporting from the AJBU Newsroom. In breaking news from a correspondent in Abia State, a Youth Corps member was awarded a car recently, by the Purity Organization. The title bestowed on the young lady - 2013 World Purity Queen. This honor was given to her for "maintaining her virginity until marriage." In order to win, young women would have to be medically examined and certified as virgins. According to the president of the Purity Organization, only 2 women who applied were certified - the second winner will be awarded her car at a later date.

For the full article, visit NYSC Member Wins Car for Maintaining Virginity.

In other NYSC news in today's broadcast,

Monday, February 4, 2013

So I heard that...

Some people are paying for their NYSC certificates!

No, not AFTER going through the whole year. Like, when they get to the NYSC office in Abuja, they talk to someone - I have no idea who. They come with hard cash - preferably smaller bills so the package looks bulky. And whoever this/these person(s) is/are, helps them out and they get a "valid" NYSC certificate within a couple of hours.

DO NOT tell anybody that I told you this o! I was not there by that time o! I don't advocate unscrupulous behavior o! Remember, I'm goody-two-shoes and I'll deny that I even know how to spell NYSC, much less go online to blog anything. 

Ok buh-bye!
Berry kisses - I feel like I haven't sent hugs and kisses in a while. :(

MASSIVE HUG and A BERRYMILLION KISSES! Muah muah muah muah muah muaaaaaaaaaaah!

My NYSC Story Part 2... by D

Finally, here's the next part of D's story. He's currently serving with 2012 Batch C in Lagos. In the first part of his story, he had just received his posting letter to his Place of Primary Assignment - a school 5 minutes away from his house, so this should be easy, right? WRONG!