Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NYSC in the news...

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This is Berry, your news anchor, reporting from the AJBU Newsroom. In breaking news from a correspondent in Abia State, a Youth Corps member was awarded a car recently, by the Purity Organization. The title bestowed on the young lady - 2013 World Purity Queen. This honor was given to her for "maintaining her virginity until marriage." In order to win, young women would have to be medically examined and certified as virgins. According to the president of the Purity Organization, only 2 women who applied were certified - the second winner will be awarded her car at a later date.

For the full article, visit NYSC Member Wins Car for Maintaining Virginity.

In other NYSC news in today's broadcast,
the NYSC Director General, Brig Gen Nnamdi Okorie-Affia, has threatened to report Nigerian universities that routinely submit deficient graduates to the program. Due to the rejection of many Youth Corps members, on the grounds of academic deficiency, the NYSC has earned a bad name, according the the NYSC DG. In addition, other institutions also submit graduates who are overage; also many universities exceed their submission quotas by as much as 500%!

The full article can be viewed at: NYSC Threatens to Report Institutions with 'Half Baked' Graduates.

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