Monday, January 9, 2012

NYSC Mobilization - Registration Process for Aje-Butters

Hello fellow butters! Happy New Year!!!

I took a short break from continuing with this blog because of a little parting gift a la NYSC Camp mosquitoes!!! Yup, you guessed right...MALARIA! It has to be the worst I've felt in forever! I had to miss work for 1 whole week, was in the hospital with an IV (aka drip), and had no appetite and even less energy.

*note to all Aje-Butters returning to Nigeria after a significant amount of time* You MUST take anti-malaria drugs!!!

Anyhow, let me get to the topic at hand: Registering for NYSC. I would like to say that this is an easy process - it actually is, IF you know what is required ahead of time and get everything in order. Otherwise, you may have to take more than 1 trip to the NYSC Directorate Office (in Abuja) to complete your registration.

For this blog's intents and purposes, I am only focusing on the requirements for Foreign-Trained Graduates.

Step 1: Stalking the NYSC website

You need to constantly check the NYSC website (here's the link again - NYSC Website) for the upcoming batch's timetable. It gives you information on:

  • Registration dates
  • Orientation dates
  • Requirements for Foreign-Trained Graduates
  • Collection of Call-Up Letters
Now that you know when the registration period is, it's time to get your documents together and head out to the NYSC Directorate Office located in Abuja.

Step 2: Gathering the required documents

In order to complete the registration for NYSC, foreign-trained graduates need ORIGINAL and (AT LEAST 6) photocopies of the following:

  1. First degree certificate/diploma - BA, B.Sc, HND
  2. Official First degree transcript
  3. Marks sheets (for Indian schools - not really sure what that is)
  4. High School diploma/certificate - this includes WASC, WAEC, GCE, SSCE, NECO, IGCE, O Levels. If you went to secondary school in Nigeria, your original WAEC/SSCE certificate was sent to your secondary school 5 years after graduation. If you never picked it up, go there and look for it.
  5. Registration certificate with the Medical/Dental Council of Nigeria (for Doctors only)
  6. Registration certificate with the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria (for Pharmacists only)
  7. Nigerian Passport (And foreign passport if you have one) showing the following:
    1. First departure date from Nigeria
    2. Student Visa
    3. Last arrival date into Nigeria
  8. Passport Photographs - Here is where I tell you to get at least 30 passport photographs, because you will need them over and over and OVER again at different points throughout the year. You might as well just have a whole bunch ahead of time and carry them in your purse or wallet.
Just in case the requirements change, click NYSC - Foreign Trained Graduates to confirm.

Step 3: Registering

You MUST register IN PERSON at the NYSC Directorate Office in Abuja. No, your parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, best friends, etc cannot submit the documents on your behalf. 

Hopefully, at this point, you have collected all the required documents AND photocopies together. Please check to ensure that your name is the same on all your documents. I had to go to a court across the street to get an affidavit swearing that I was the same person, simply because my SSCE certificate had just my first and last names (all other documents have my first, middle and last names on them).

When you get to the office, you have to keep your ears open and have a humble demeanor. Ask politely where you need to submit your documents, and wait in line if there's one (*Note* You will be doing A LOT of waiting for the next 12-15 months... Get used to it and bring a book or magazine with you). 

If you have all your documents and passport photographs with you, then you're basically sailing through the registration process. Once they put all your things in order, they will let you know when and where to pick up your Call Up letter. 

Step 4: Collecting your Call Up letter

The Call Up letter shows your NYSC number, the state where you are posted to, and some other stuff that I can't remember. You generally pick up your Call Up letter at the NYSC Office in your state of residence (or Abuja) - let the NYSC official know where you will be at the time.

The Call Up letter is ready about 1 week before Orientation Camp starts. This gives you time to prepare for your relocation to the new state where you shall reside for the next 12 months. 

  1. Foreign graduates are NO LONGER allowed to serve in their state of preference. (This is one of the first signs you see when you get to the NYSC Directorate office, AND it is also stated on their website.) All I will say to this is... No comment :)
  2. ALWAYS carry the following with you because you will most definitely need them.
    1. Passport photographs
    2. Pen

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Next post will cover the dreaded ORIENTATION CAMP!!! Brace yourselves, it's not very pretty.

**update** You need your passport to pick up your call up letter **


  1. I want to serve only if I am placed in Lagos or Abuja, I have bought a return ticket in the even that this is not possible :( sigghh

    1. It's not just being in Lagos or Abuja. You know you'd most likely have to teach, work in a hospital, rural government or agriculture, right?

      But LOL @ your plan B

    2. This is not fair, I've schooled aboard since Primary School and they aren't going to let me choose my State :"( Oh well their walaha, I come to work in Nigeria on my British passport. hehehe

    3. OR get redeployed during or after camp.

  2. I just want the real gist on how to serve in your state of preference!

    1. I have the right to remain silent.

      I can't promote non-straight-and-narrow dealings on here.

      Sawry :)

  3. Where can one collect call up letter in lagos?

    1. In Surulere, the NYSC Secretariat Office.
      Old Census Office Babs Animashun Street , Surulere Lagos
      Tel: 08037103033

  4. Can one write a 'Letter of Authorization' for someone else to pick on the Corper's behalf? I'm currently still in NYC & Call-up letters for Batch A have been issued.