Thursday, September 27, 2012

The light at the end of the tunnel...


So, as at this moment, my service year will be over in approximately 3 weeks! THREEEEE WEEKS! NYSC Lagos Secretariat sent out a letter to corps members - well, it's not like they mailed it to us, but I saw a status message on someone's BBM and got it sent to me. October 18th, 2012 is the day it'll all be over for me and I CANNOT WAIT!

I'll post the letter here, so you have an idea what the last couple of weeks are like for corps members. We're supposed to get our last 2-3 weeks off from our primary assignment (employers), so that we can take part in the various activities lined up for the end of our service year.

  • Final clearance - This is supposed to be a VERY tedious process. Some 2011 Batch B corpers had to report to their LGs on a Saturday and Sunday because their LGIs didn't complete the final clearance in the time allotted. Meanwhile, I have to ask - how does it make any sense to appoint 1-3 officials to cover 600+ corpers in 2 days? Especially when more than half of those officials are lazy and refuse to work for more than 3 hours per day! NYSC, you need a complete overhaul - I'm still saying it.

    Anyways, in this process, we're supposed to collect our final clearance letters from our employers stating that we completed our duties satisfactorily. In addition, we have to present our CD cards showing that we attended all our CDs (I think we're allowed 1 to 3 absences).

    And finally, they check to see that all our monthly clearance letters are complete and stashed in our folders.
  • Job Creation and Awareness seminars - Erm, are they joking?
  • Passing Out Parade rehearsals - Yeah, they're most definitely joking!
  • Passing Out and collection of NYSC certificates - I imagine there's a parade, with marching, and a whole bunch of corpers milling around anxiously, waiting to pick up their certificates and saying GOODBYE FOREVER!

As far as the 2-3 weeks off from our employers, at my office some supervisors generously gave breaks to their corpers throughout the year, so those corps members will have to finish out the month. I'm taking that option cos I can't sit at my uncle/aunt's house doing nothing, especially if there's no electricity. And I guess at the end of October, it'll be time to pack my bags and move them back to PH while I plot my next move.

Actually, I'm leaning more towards going back to Atlanta at this point, but we'll see.

Gotta run!
Have a pretty day with lots of berry thoughts.

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