Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Almost there!!!!!!!!!!! What next for Berry?

Hey berryful ladies and gentlemen,

OMG!!! I am almost at the end of my NYSC journey! Gawsh, I'm MUCHO excited, and passing out day can't come quickly enough. Now, the question follows: What will you be doing after NYSC Ms. Berry?

Erm, at this exact point in time, the honest answer is I HAVE ABSOTIVELY NO IDEA! *insert BB straight face*

While a few months ago, I was 100% sure I'd leave Nigeria (see post here: The reason why I'm leaving Nigeria after serving) now I'm not so sure. Truthfully, I still balk at the idea of forever and ever in this country, but it's not the worst place in the world. I think for most aje-butters, a comfortable position is a healthy balance between living in Nigeria and outside. This is my humble opinion - feel free to disagree.

So here are my options...

  1. Get a GREAT job and stay in Nigeria

    The fact of the matter is that I will not be comfortable living in Nigeria with a mediocre job or mediocre pay. My standard of living is not outrageous or anything, but I need a lovely and pretty serviced apartment (constant electricity with clean water and maintenance service in case somn happens), with a nice car and driver (YES I want a driver), and the ability to travel every couple of months, maybe. Fine, maybe my head's in the clouds, but a girl wants what a girl wants. And to get what I want, mediocre pay will not cut it! At the same time, I wouldn't want to get all this money in a job I hate. I already told you how frustrated I've been during service (The life of a corper at work) and this is not something I wish to continue in my life.

    Now if I decide to stay in Nigeria, do I stay in Lagos or go back to Port Harcourt? If I stay in Lagos, I can FINALLY live ALL BY MYSELF!!! If I go back to Port Harcourt, I have to move in with the 'rents and that is nowhere near desirable - someone's mother believes you can't live separately from your parents if you live in the same city *insert BB straight face*
  2. Go back to the States and continue with my old job

    Going back to Atlanta means going back to my old job, as my employer has generously agreed to give me my job back. In addition, the company has an office in Abuja, so this would give me the opportunity to go back and forth anyways. My only issue here is there isn't much room for growth at the company, or career-wise. And I know within a year or two, I'd be complaining and wanting to do something else again. I feel like I need stability at this point in my life, so whatever decision I make should make sense and keep me content for the next 3-5 years. I'm not getting any younger, even though I look younger everyday.
  3. Go back to school - another master's degree or Phd?

    Well, I've flirted with this idea on and off for a while. BUT what do I go back to school for? My first degree was scientifically-inclined, and I got an MBA a few years later. I worked in a marketing function for almost 4 years - I'm actually doing that part-time right now (in addition to serving - shhhh, yet another secret to keep from NYSC). Because my MBA was not focused on anything in particular, and my first degree was completely different, I think I might want to study Marketing. On the plus side, there are scholarship opportunities from my state, but would going back to school hold me back? And is it really necessary? 
What option has more promise? What do you think? Gawsh, making life decisions is sooooo frustrating. I wish I had God's "The Life of Berry" handbook so I can cheat and make all the right decisions. 

K, going to think now. At least my resume's been polished off :)

Love ya,


  1. It's me again! I am yet to register for NYSC that trip to abuja seems so long but I still have time lol... I LOVe that you are so honest with the option of staying in Nigeria.. All my friends have told me that Nigeria sucks you in and it's so hard to leave.... I agree, I love t here but I'm not doing anything meaningful... just yet...sighhhh! Best wishes!!!

    1. Lol, make sure you do it sooner than later. You never know if they want something extra. Like when I registered, I thought I had my secondary school leaving certificate, but what I had was the statement of results, so they turned me back. And when I got that, the second time I went to Abuja, they said my middle name didn't appear on every single document; so I had to go across the road to the court and get them to certify that I was the same person and all the documents belonged to me :|

  2. Gosh garl, how come we're thinking along the same lines? Just that I'll be startin my own nysc this nov. Are you my long lost twin? Lol
    Okay right now I'm thinking: I wish I had God's "The Life of me" handbook so I can cheat and make all the right decisions. Yes, I totally agree, making life decisions is sooo frustrating + the older you get, the more decisions to make.
    Hey sorry I can't help you, am just anoda girl tryna help herself out.

    1. LOL, thanks! Being a grown-up is so hard! Ah well, it's life.