Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ta-na-na-na-na! Inspector NYSC, not Gadget

Yo yo!

Soooooooooo, guess what?!?!? My local government inspector's office staff came by where I'm doing my primary assignment for INSPECTION! Since I started serving, the LGI (Local Government Inspector) has stated that there would be routine/unexpected visits to our offices, to ensure that each corper was actively serving. Now, I'm passing out in a few weeks and nobody ever showed up, so these "threats" have generally been construed as idle...

Imagine my shock when the corper in our HR department sent a BBM letting me know that the NYSC officials were in the office and we all had to come and sign that we were present :-O. Like, FOR REALLY REAL? I don't think they did this for earlier batches at work, so it's seeming like NYSC's beginning to take things more seriously. Seriously enough that my LGI called my dad's phone, because I missed an activity, and my dad's noted as my emergency contact person (as for what I missed and why, it's a loooooooooooooong story that I can't get into on this blog - sawry).

Hmm! I just need the next 3 weeks to go by quietly and quickly, so I can get my certificate and be outta this mug.

*cough* On a non-NYSC note, I have a terrible sore throat and cold - IT SUCKS!!! But I had some chicken pepper soup this evening to help with it, so YAY me!

Kisses from Berry!

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  1. Aww sorry dear, feel better. Re: calling listed emergency contact, really now? Naija though, #doingthemost. About finishing in peace, a big AMEN to that!