Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Eeeek! Re-votes and 2012 Batch C corpers go to camp!

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I hope you're all well. So first things first... I might need you to revote for my blog as BEST TUTORIAL BLOG for the Nigerian Blog Awards. Apparently there was a snafu last week and some votes were not counted :(. So pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease re-vote. I feel bad cos I got sick of the US elections campaigning, and just when the end has come (Congratulations President Obama), I'm asking for votes. Please don't get sick of me *hugs and kisses*

Next Eeek reason! The 2012 Batch C corpers Orientation Camp started yesterday and I didn't put up a post to encourage and wish them well :(. Soooooooo sorry. Meanwhile, I had auditions for a play at church The Waterbrook on Saturday night. One of the new members got on stage to audition and mentioned that he was about to start NYSC and was going to camp this week. I called out to him "Hey, you should read my blog." And he goes "What blog is that?" I go "Aje-Butter's Guide to NYSC." And he says "YOU'RE AJE-BUTTER?!" And I squealed with delight "OMG! People read my blog. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay." And then I apologized for interrupting the auditions - oops!

Anyways, I saw him yesterday at our rehearsals. He got posted to Lagos and he'd been to camp to register yesterday. The first thing he said to me was "Berry, you didn't prepare me for how bad it was!" *slaps hand to forehead, hiding face and running away* What I think I mentioned in passing in a previous post was that I went to Orientation Camp on Day 2, at about 4/5pm. At that point, a lot of people had already registered. Well, my new friend got to Iyana-Ipaja at 4:45am as the first person in line. Unbeknownst to him, some people had already gotten there the night before and slept there overnight. Between being sent back and forth to get seats, register, get accommodation and whatnot, he didn't leave the camp until 6:30pm. That's over 12 hours. Whereas, when I registered, I was done in 6 hours. Sawry... future corps members take note! He did say though that about 700 corpers couldn't register yesterday because NYSC officials at the camp RAN OUT  of registration forms. SERIOUSLY? Do I need to write another 'Dear NYSC' letter? (See first one here).

Well, to all the new corps members, I wish you all the very best! If you're going to brave it in camp, do it with an open mind and a pleasant attitude. Being friendly with your platoon leaders and others will only help you if you need something. Don't forget to send your stories! Have fun and Godspeed.

Berryliciously on vacay.

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  1. Great Write-up! (I've been reading about your NYSC experience since your Bella Naija article)

    I Lost Hope in Nigeria like you and Wanted to Leave but came to a Realization. I Realized that I had the Wrong Expectations of Nigeria. We are not the "Established" Generation (like Europe, US, Australia etc) instead we are the "Builder" Generation (like the West in the 19th Century or China in the 80s).

    And I Learnt that if I wanted to be have a country like the West, then I should go back to the West, but if I wanted to Build a Country then Nigeria was the Place for me.

    Unfortunately due to the Failures of our Past, we do not have the Benefit of Living in a "Established" Country, but Instead have to Build it. That is how I have Rationalized things to myself. I do not Love Nigeria at its Present state, infact I hate it and I learnt that they were Two ways to Change things. Through Business and Politics.

    1)Business - By starting companies that can Develop Nigeria through either catering to Needs by Providing good and services that we don't have or Developing resources that Nigeria already has. This can range from the big like starting companies that provide better infrastructure like power, transportation, technology to the tiny like setting up niche cafes, galleries bars or delis like are in the west.
    2)Politics - by developing our Movements form mere Noise making to Political entities that has detailed consensus Plans with Endorsed Candidates and Lobbies Policies that can affect all of our Lives for the Better.

    Well, that's how I have decided to see things. I Hope that this Helps.