Friday, November 23, 2012

Buttery Update!

Hello friends!

How are ya? So... in addition to the high of winning the Popular Vote for Best Tutorial Blog on the Nigerian Blog Awards 2012, I got some extra good news this week!

I was offered a contract position at the company where I served - with REAL, ACTUAL, BRAIN-USING work to do! Funnest times, aye? So I started on Wednesday and things are pretty good so far. One drawback is my NONE-addiction to coffee may start up again, but it tastes oh-so-very-good!

What else? Ooh, my friend/cousin (depending on what year it is) Chidynma is featured on a new single with Ebisan, titled "Time Of Our Lives." Since I had nothing to do for 2+ weeks, we decided I'd be Chidynma's unofficial travel/road manager and I got to follow her and Ebisan to their interview with Olisa at The Beat 99.9FM!

Note to radio stations in Nigeria: I would really appreciate it if you provided cupcakes, muffins, donuts and juice/tea/coffee/water for your morning show guests. I'm just saying.

Go here to listen to their song on Bella Naija. Ebisan ft Chidynma - Time of our Lives

Alrighty, I'm outtie!


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  1. great news congrats Berry! ur anonymous poster lol