Thursday, November 8, 2012

Look who was featured on Bella Naija!!!!!


Before I get to it, you know the new drill - PLEASE VOTE FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEE! Click on the Nigerian Blog Awards and select 'Aje-Butter's Guide to NYSC' for the Best Tutorial Blog! Thank you in advance :)

Back to regularly scheduled programming...

I was so pleased yesterday morning when my friend sent a BBM saying she'd seen my article featured on Bella Naija! Of course I had to spread the word on my BB and Facebook (no Twitter cos I feel like I might be doing too darn much - although my sister thinks I should get an account).

Anyways, if you've been reading my blog, there's nothing new in the article. It was really just a summary of the whole year that I wanted to share with others.

Here's a link to the article: An Aje-Butter's Guide to NYSC.

Yay me!

Have a berry lovely day berryboos!

Kiss kiss hug hug, big kiss, little kiss.