Monday, January 28, 2013

White Nigerian Corper

Hi friends!

How are ya? I hope everyone's well. I know I owe you Part 2 of D's NYSC story and I promise it's coming this week!

I was perusing Bella Naija today and saw a nice NYSC-related feature. Mohammed Jamal, a "white" man born and raised in Nigeria (folks commenting are going back and forth about his parental origins, hence the quote marks), chose to come back to Nigeria after completing his university studies in England. I'd heard about him as a comedian, stage name White Nigerian, but didn't delve farther. So it was a wonderful surprise to see his story on Bella Naija today, and I thought I would share the article with you guys.

Excerpt from Bella Naija

“They say “never judge a book by its cover” and that’s exactly right. 
A lot of people see me and assume I am an “Oyibo.” I’m not and 
let my color not deceive you. It’s what’s inside that counts and for me 
apart from the color, I am Nigerian to the core. Born and bred in Jos, I grew up 
speaking Hausa and of course pidgin English. I have one passport and it’s green. 
So just like every other Nigerian, I completed my studies and decided to serve my country. 

Click to read the full story: White Nigerian Corper on Bella Naija

So, I shall be posting the next part of D's story this week. Have a pretty week.


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