Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rumors are swirling...

Hey gents and dolls!

How's your week coming? Mine's pretty darn good - I think. Anyways, I bet you're keen on hearing what the rumor is. Well... there's been a lot of talk on Twitter. Apparently NYSC wants to increase the monthly allowance for corpers! It's not confirmed yet, but officials are saying they've heard the claim as well. So what does this mean for corpers?

Now you can spend save N33,000.00 a month! This is as opposed to the former N19,800.00 a month. In USD, this is going from $123.75 to $206.25 using a 1USD = 160NGN exchange rate.

A lot of corpers depend on this allowance for their day-to-day living. Others use theirs to go shopping. I didn't really need mine and saved the bulk of it.

If it's confirmed, I'll let you know.

Have a berry pretty rest of the week!
Berry :)

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