Sunday, January 6, 2013

OMG! Miracles DO happen for real!

Like I'm in TOTAL shock right now!

I haven't really had any cause to check the NYSC website since the 2012 Batch C corpers left camp. And then I got a comment from my last post asking about the NYSC fees, so I decided to go to the site and get info.


*does victory dance*

I was so overly excited, I almost missed out on VERY IMPORTANT information
2013 Batch A Foreign Graduates have started registering already!!! I'll put up the time table in my next post. But let's all join hands, sing Kumbaya, and thank God for miracles!

I feel like a proud mama. *Ok, that's definitely doing too much*

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  1. I stumbled on this blog and I am very glad I did. Some of my canadian-nigerian friends are considering coming back to serve the motherland and I just wanted to find out what we would be up against. These ajebutter stories are actually funny. I won't really consider myself a butti bcos I can be very kpakoish if needed. I have one question though... Can foreign students register with foreign high school diplomas? Cos I dont know where my WAEC result is. Thumbs up for the blog

    1. Thanks. I'm glad I can help.

      Yeah, I believe you can register with a foreign high school diploma. It's not like they're going to force you to take WAEC. They'd need to see that you passed Math, English and some other basic courses if memory serves me well.

      Good luck! And let me know how things go.