Monday, October 29, 2012

Your Local Government Office and Inspector


So I'm writing up this post because while I mentioned my LGI and going to the LG office on several occasions, I don't think I adequately described this aspect of NYSC. So for those new corps members who are going to camp next week, put this down in your mental jotter.

Local Government Office

When a corps member leaves the orientation camp, he/she is given a posting letter to a Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). If the corper's accepted by the organization, then the Local Government where the company is located, absorbs the corper. Basically, this is your first port of call for anything official. Some of the things you do here are:
  • Register after you've been accepted by your PPA
  • Sign up for Community Development Service (CDS)
  • Attend monthly General CDS - I don't believe this is done in every state. However in Lagos, all corps members are given one day in the last week of every month to come to their LG offices. The LGI addresses the corpers on necessary information and signs off on their CD cards to acknowledge that they attended General CD
  • Complete Monthly Clearance - Usually completed within the first week of each month, this is where corps members submit a letter from their employer stating that they came to work the previous month and completed their duties. This is required monthly in order to get the monthly NYSC allowance.
  • Complete Final Clearance - This is ideally the last time you'll go to the LG office (that is if you don't have any issues). This time your employer writes a letter stating that you have completed your service year with them, and have no outstanding responsibilities.
  • Bring complaints and write applications for various things - If you notice an allowance payment's missing, if you want to travel, if you want to go on leave (remember you're allowed 7 days through the year), if you want to do a special CDS project, if you're having issues with your PPA, etc

Local Government Inspector

Your LGI is the beginning and end of your NYSC service year. Keep him/her happy, make your life easy. Get them mad, welcome to 11 months of stress! Your LGI is your mother, father, brother, sister, aunty, uncle, cousin, best friend, and more during this time. Every official letter/application you write goes to your LGI first, before trickling up the ladder to your Zonal Inspector and then State Coordinator.

My LGI was pretty cool. While a lot of people thought he was mean, the truth of the matter was that he was simply stern. If you behaved properly, then he was nice to you. Flout the rules unnecessarily, and he would be a pain in your behind! It's a good thing that I had a good rapport with him, because when I truly needed something (hehe, I broke a rule), he was there to help out.

Ok, I think this is a pretty accurate description and covers what any corps member should know about their LG office and LGI. I dunno why we abbreviate LGI and not LGO :-S

Ah well, have a pretty week everybody and don't forget to VOTE for this blog as TUTORIAL BLOG OF THE YEAR on Nigerian Blog Awards.

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