Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Officially my last day at work!

Hey hey hey berryboos!

So today's my last day at my place of primary assignment! It's crazy how time flies so quickly! I remember my first full day here - I felt sick and my supervisor told me to go to the clinic, and it turned out to be a little parting gift from the mosquitoes at camp (darn malaria to hell!). So my first day turned to the week off trying to deal with that I-know-I'm-dying feeling.

I've had fun for the most part at work. I've made quite a number of friends. A lot of people I met were nice, helpful and kind to me. I would like to say I'm leaving on a high note, but I had a nasty experience here yesterday.

I went to the HR department with my friend (A). We were looking to pick up something from someone (C) who works there. I've helped C out over the past month with sending out information to other corpers in the office, so we have a pretty good working relationship. C wasn't at his desk when we got there, and I stood looking for the envelope I was supposed to pick up, while A saw a note on the opposite desk and started to read it. We'd been in there for less than 30 seconds when we heard:

BFHR: What are you doing in this office? Get out now!
Me and A: *stunned silence + confusion*
BFHR: What do you want?
Me: Oh, I came to look for C, wante.....
BFHR: Obviously he's not here! There are sensitive, confidential documents here and you can't stay so GET OUT!
Me and A: *start walking out*
BFHR: If you want to contact C, his number's on that note (the same one A was reading o). Take his number down and call him.
Me: *punches the number in my phone and starts to call*
BFHR: You cannot make phone calls in this office space! Leave this area immediately
Me: *already talking to C and walking away. I turn to look back and see her still yelling at A*

A and I get to the elevator and I had just finished my phone call with C, when who appears again?

BFHR: *pointing at me* You have a very bad attitude! How dare you walk away from me when I'm talking to you???!!!! (mind you, she HAD told me to get out and leave the area, so is she confused?)
Me: Erm, can I explain something to you?
BFHR: I don't want to hear anything! I'm sure you girls need something signed by HR. Well I'm the one in charge and you will see! I won't sign anything for you! You will not get any payment until next year!

And then she stalks off, with A and I looking at each other in bewilderment cos what the heck just happened and why? :-S

Now, I kept quiet for 2 reasons. I was in shock and I don't like to say anything when I'm angry because I would have cursed her out (Sorry Lord). By the time I had gotten home, I started planning my response. My first thought was to confront her this morning because nobody talks to me like that. I've met hundreds of people in this office and nobody can accuse me of a bad attitude. I got to work and proceeded to print out the HR Policy on Harassment. I had it in mind to take it to her office, drop it on her desk and ask her to explain to me how someone in HR is allowed to speak disrespectfully to other employees. And then it dawned on me... I'd been introduced to executive management (including VP HR) - so why not just go to him calmly and say "Uncle, good morning. *insert innocent smile* See what happened yesterday. I was treated with hostility, verbally intimidated and humiliated by BFHR (I had gotten her name). Please tell me what the best course of action is." YES, I CAN BE THAT VINDICTIVE!

Fortunately for her, my supervisor overheard me saying I wanted to report her for harassment and intervened. She said she would personally talk to the woman herself, because apparently she's a loose cannon and has exhibited such behavior in the past. I'm sure everyone else kept quiet and that's why she's still in that position. I won't take kindly to being disrespected for no reason, Nigeria or not. People need to get off this "well, it's Nigeria, it's bound to happen, just let it go." HELL TO THE NAW! I will not be bullied and sit back quietly.

Ok, this was a long post (sawry). Just felt the need to share. Gotta go finish up my last 1.5 hours here. Erm, I still dunno what I'm going to do - look for a job here, go back to my old job in Atlanta, or pursue Nollywood (I'm actually not kidding about this last point).

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Oh, and BFHR means *rhymes-with-WITCH* from HR :p

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