Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Now that camp is over...

The stress is a thing of the past..........LIES!!!

Welcome new corpers to 11 months of dealing with your Local Government Inspectors office. Your LGI is your new guardian and you are his/her responsibility. The LGI office is where you

  • get registered to confirm that you have been accepted by your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)
  • Submit your monthly clearance letter to confirm that you have been working and to ensure that you get paid your NYSC monthly allowance
  • Attend your weekly Community Development (CD) activity such as Drama, Education, Sanitation, Construction & Maintenance, etc.
  • Go to if you have any issues - although truthfully, you should ask your fellow corpers first, THEN seek LGI's help if need be.
In order to get registered with the LGI, you need a few things:
  1. Your acceptance letter from your PPA
  2. Your posting letter from NYSC - this tells you what company you're posted to and which LG office to report to
  3. Your original bank form - all corpers are required to open new bank accounts at specified banks (you'll also be notified of which branch). The new bank account must be opened, regardless of if you already have an account with that bank. 
  4. Your NYSC ID
  5. Passport pictures - Remember how I said you'd need them at several points during the whole year?
  6. If you have registered with a special CDS group, they should have given you a letter to exempt you from any of the LGI CD groups. Bring it with you too.
Please note that you must be properly dressed in your NYSC uniform when you go to your LGI office. 
Also, don't forget to make multiple copies of everything before you get there. 

If you didn't sign up with a special CD group, the LGI will randomly put you in any one they have. 

Please remember to pick up a CD card from the LG office. Otherwise, I've heard some special CD groups make you pay for it - N50. It's supposed to be free. 

When you've compiled all the necessary documents, you'll be given a folder in which you put everything in a PARTICULAR order. Ask someone who's already done theirs. If you ask any of the LG officers, you may be abused from then till eternity (very irritated, saucy bunch, they are).

Now, my honey bunches of oats, you WILL find this process stressful and your patience will be sorely tried. Your LGI office will show you just how immature human beings can be - standing in line proves to be a really hard task for Nigerians in general. In addition, you'll find that organization and common sense are severely lacking or completely absent. Truth be told, if I felt that it'd be worth my time, I'd like to go around the country to properly organize NYSC LGI offices to ease any and all processes for corps members and officials alike. Unfortunately, chances are that I'll be rebuffed from the very beginning, so I'll put my efforts elsewhere. 

Dear Batch A 2012 corps members, Godspeed!

Berry many hugs to you (lol, my cheese level knows no bounds!)

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