Monday, March 5, 2012

Best wishes to 2012 Batch A Corpers!!!

Hey y'all.

So a brand new set of corpers are about to begin their 12-moth NYSC journey starting tomorrow. I just want to give you last-minute words of advice as you enter into camp and get started on this adventure!

  1. First things first, for those of you that have not yet located where your camps are, visit NYSC State Locations
  2. Don't forget what you can and can't bring/buy (See my prior post here:  What to Bring and What NOT to Bring)
  3. If you have medicines that you usually take (for headaches, allergies, cramps, asthma, etc), please take them with you. The clinics aren't nearly as stocked as they claim to be.
  4. Don't spend all your time at mami market. It gets old really quickly. Although I heard some people just go there to maintain a buzz or stay drunk to cope with camp...
  5. Don't break any bones during your Man 'O' War activities! 
  6. Keep your eyes/ears open for any Community Development activities you may be interested in. Note that if you don't pick one at the end of the day, your Local Government Inspector's office will choose one randomly for you. 
  7. Don't be afraid! Trust me, if I could manage 21 days in there, anybody can do it. Bring your A-game and slaughter any preconceived softie notions about you.
  8. Please please please, don't go to camp and embarrass us "foreigners" and claim that you can't do any work. I'll just ban you from readying my blog *insert BB uninterested smiley!
  9. DO NOT HAVE any form of sexual intercourse!!! I see you laughing, but I'm not joking. #1. It's freaking FILTHY in camp. #2. If you're caught, the story will get around and yours might be one of the stories I write about in my "Sex and NYSC Camp" post. I've warned you...
  10. HAVE FUN! Don't be uptight. Be willing to mingle and make friends. You'll definitely need at least one person to gripe about camp with.
  11. BRING GIST BACK FOR ME!!! Mostly cos I want to post them :)

That about covers it. By the time you come out, I'd have put up a post on what to do next after you leave camp. Best wishes and I can't wait to hear your stories!

Berry hugs and kisses!


  1. Well, it looks like you've covered .... EVERYTHING! # 9 made me giggle, # 5 made me LOL, # 11 is classic and # 10 sums it all up. I mean, that's the point. Great advice here. Congrats to new ex-corpers.

  2. NO 6: SO TRUE!!!!!!!! it happened to me, I wished badly for friday, and waited last min, and didnt get it.