Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Time to report to NYSC CAMP!!!

Hey y'all!

Call-up letters have been picked up, and corpers have started reporting to their various camps. As per usual, a LOT of people would have been disappointed when they read where they were posted to - they're also probably scrambling to get their posting "fixed." Ah, the joys of NYSC. :)

Anyway, new corpers started heading to camp yesterday, June 25th. It's earlier than usual, as Batch B camp typically starts the first week of July. In any case, they've started reporting to camp and dealing with the stress of registration, getting a bed, finding and registering at your platoon, feigning communicable diseases so they can be exempted from camp, looking for mami market, etc.

My advice to you is to just relax, take it easy, and pray to God for divine patience because you'll need it. If you haven't already read my experience, the following links should give you a clear idea of what to expect.

  1. Guide to surviving NYSC Camp: What to Bring
  2. Guide to surviving NYSC Camp: What NOT to Bring
  3. Guide to surviving NYSC Camp: Arrival
  4. Guide to surviving NYSC Camp: Platoon Registration and Accommodation
While in there, make sure you choose your Community Development Service wisely. I may actually need to make a post for the how to select the best CD for you...

I wish you all the best of luck. Try to have fun. :D



  1. berry, berry my darling. just got back, and i think i will be in Batch A for next year. now a few questions?
    1. is it true that you come out of NYSC darker and looking like a refugee? 2. what city has the best temperature,not too hot or sunny? NYSC fun? 4. do girls get raped or sexually harrassed? 5. what batch do you think has the most forign students? 6. wil my skin issues and allergies get worse during/after NYSC? 7. do you think i should wait a year before registering for NYSC or should i do it as soon as possible? thanks for this blog, you are really helping a lot of people, mwah. xoxo

  2. Hello! Wow, a lot of questions.

    1. Erm, looking darker, probably. Looking like a refugee? Not quite. Depends on how much weight you lose, lol.

    2. LOL. Nigeria as a whole is too hot and sunny for me.

    3. Yes, it can be fun. It's what you make out of it.

    4. Well... I've heard of consensual sex. I've also heard here and there about rapes. But it's mostly hearsay so I can't say for sure.

    5. I can't tell which batch has more. If I had to guess, I might say Batch B, just because it's the beginning of summer vacay, and people have more time to visit Nigeria.

    6. I think it depends on you and whatever meds you use. I have allergies quite often (dust) and I can't stop dust from materializing here. My cousin's currently having issues with her skin, but got Dettol to use in her bath water.

    7. It's really your choice. I kinda wish I did mine earlier, cos I was older than a lot of people at camp. But it's really up to you.