Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sorry does not even begin to describe...


It's not that I abandoned this blog!

It definitely wasn't my intent!

In fact, I was wondering what to post - and my former regular readers who I thought would help contribute, DISAPPEARED on me.

Sorry anyways. I promise I'm still around.

Anyways, just a quick note...

FOREIGN GRADS NYSC Registration for Batch B, 2013 ends THIS WEEK on June 7th!

If you're still planning on starting with this batch, PLEASE go to Abuja and register NOW!

For the time table and required documents, click here.

Have a pretty week!

Berry :)


  1. Berrryyyyyyyyyyy! It is me you are subbing lollll Im here! NOOOOOOO! I didnt disappear on you o. I feel bad like I used and dumped your blog for a min lol.. it was helpful in getting me ready for NYSC and then I dipped... Lol last I told you was I redeployed to Lagos... Currently serving at one of the Eti Osa Lgs... Its been interesting so far... very very... The only thing I like about the whole thing is my CD group.... interesting people... Im back like I never left sorryyyyyyyyyy

    1. Hmm! YOU!

      So your NYSC year's being interesting, and you're not sharing with us? YOU ARE WRONG! :p

      What are you doing for your CD?

  2. My CD has been so boring, first of all, I was in some group called editorial, then our LGI changed it to beautificaton (LmAO) so IM getting ready to sign up for special cd jare...

    1. Lol, didn't I say that any CD that isn't special cd is basically useless? Even some special cds are just there for people to come and look at the sky.