Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Register for NYSC ONLINE!

Ladies and gentlemen... boys and girls... it was brought to my attention (THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!) that NYSC now offers ONLINE REGISTRATION for Foreign Grads aka Aje-Butters like you and me. Well, mostly you, because I'm done with all this, innit? :p

Anyways, of course I quickly ran to NYSC's website to confirm and there it was... shining like the sun in bright yellow (mustard actually)...

Let's scream, shout, dance, whoop, holler and jump for joy, right? Because this means no going to Abuja, right? YOU ARE WRONG!!! Registering online is just an added step to the registration process. Please see the steps as posted on the website, below. 

PLEASE NOTE: another prospective corps member has graciously written her experience with registering online and completing the registration process in Abuja. I will share it in the next post. In the meantime, she's opened a Facebook Group for 2013 Batch C Prospective Corps Members. Feel free to look it up and share your experiences and questions there as well.

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