Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Style Post! Re-using your NYSC kit :)

Hello berryful gals n guys!

How's everyone doing? The new batch of corpers have been in camp for 1 week now - I hope everyone's faring well.

Today, I wanted to show you how I've reused different things from my NYSC kit - the white shorts, my belt, and even the jacket. I didn't throw everything away - the boots are still sitting in my car trunk - but some of the items can be worn with everyday wear. So take a look and be inspired :)

NYSC camp shorts with a denim top.

I paired my NYSC belt with a black dress for work.

NYSC Jacket as a skirt. Don't try this at home! I can be randomly daring every now and then. 
So you see, your stuff can be reused. I'm not wearing the trousers again though - NO WAY, NO HOW!

Have a pretty week everyone. :)

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