Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Style Post! NYSC Uniform

Hola amigos!

I had CD today, under a lot of stress and spent 10 minutes crying when I got home.

BUT before I left the house this morning, I decided to do an unplanned mini photo-shoot to "show off" the different NYSC looks. Since the pictures were self-taken, they're not the best, but wa'ev.

*btw, my camera fell during the shoot, so in addition to spa gift certificates, I'll also accept a new one for my birthday, which is in less than 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

While you're in Orientation Camp, you are required to wear white t-shirts, white shorts, white sneakers, and your NYSC cap. Below are 2 pictures - one from during camp, and one from this morning...

I almost always give the peace sign. 

On 1 or 2 [special] occasions during camp, you'll be required to wear the full official NYSC kit. This includes your NYSC crested vest, khaki trousers, socks, jungle boots, cap, and maybe the "jacket/shirt/wotever you want to call it" too. Again, two pictures below - one from camp and one from this morning.

During our Man 'O' War activity day

My trousers are ridiculously high waisted, but I couldn't be bothered to get another pair sewn. And I lost my hat AND crested vest during camp - or rather, they were stolen, so I had to buy a new vest before I left camp that's a little big for me.


For your CD days, you are supposed to go in your official kit sans the jacket. You can also replace your crested vest with a white shirt. I tend to wear my jungle boots cos I don't have energy to bleach and wash the dirt/dust-attracting white NYSC sneakers regularly.

So............... the next time I do a Style Post, I'll show how to "Go From CD Wear to the Office" or "From CD to Casual Day Out" or "Dress up your CD Outfit."

Adios amigos!

What's 'Berry' in spanish? Google Translate says 'Baya'.

Adios amigos!



  1. You r just too cute Alamakas :)..nice, fun post

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      Thanks on the 'nice post' comment tho

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