Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spotlight - Benue State Corpers in Action!

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Today, I read this article on Bella Naija. I know just a couple of posts before, I was knocking the premise of NYSC CD groups for mostly just sitting around and doing nothing. Well, the article I read was a breath of fresh air and shows that NYSC, if organized properly, can have a positive impact on local communities within Nigeria.

It's a long article, so I'll briefly summarize here.

Who: Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship - Benue Chapter

Where: Nongov Community

What: Nongov Community Primary Health Centre Project


  1. Building blocks of classrooms for the under-served local children. Currently, there is one teacher (a Nigerian missionary) for 450 children. A set of three classroom blocks has been completed through the efforts of a Batch A 2012 corper, Oyediran Igbagbosanmi. Another set of classroom blocks is currently being undertaken by another corps member, Chika Faith. Other corpers have volunteered to teach for a few weeks at the school. 
  2. Provide health care awareness to the indigenes, basic medical supplies, build and equip a 10-room health care center, train a number of local health care workers to facilitate medical care, etc. In the long run, there are plans to initiate a health insurance scheme, provide an ambulance for emergency transfers, and a community trust fund to promote sustainable development in the area.
If you would like to get more information and help out by sending donations, the link to the article is HERE.

Kudos to the young men and women involved in this project. I hope they are duly rewarded by the Nigerian government.

Truth be told, seeing their story makes me feel a bit awkward cos all I'm doing for my CD is helping myself. Well, it's better than doing nothing, right? And check out the fan we made today!

Honey nut cheerios!

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