Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NYSC Anthem and Morning Drills - VIDEOS!

Yay, two postings back-to-back! I'm on a roll... and still waiting for my "FRIEND" so I can post according to plan.

Anyways, I realized that a lot of readers might not know the NYSC anthem - you'll DEFINITELY not know if you haven't been through the NYSC process. So... I searched on Youtube for a video and found this...

Kinda funny video, but I wanted a video that had a sing-along with it - I couldn't find one so I'm doing the honors. Introducing Berryonce's rendition of the NYSC Anthem!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *clears throat*

Lol! I hope you enjoyed that. You know how the lyrics include "Under the sun or in the rain...?" Well, we literally had to stay in the rain once during camp.

And my final video is a compilation of short takes from the camp morning drills. Part of the early morning activities includes dancing and singing Man 'O' War call and response songs. Honestly, I'd never had to sing so much pidgin in my life, but it was all in good fun!


Ok, it's 1:35am. Now I'm definitely going to bed.

MUAH! Until next time darl'ns!


  1. haha... Oh dear, this is really nice, funny and totally awesome. Love it and love the NYSC anthem by you ;)

  2. did u "hold something"? *str8 face*

    1. Ermmmm, I reserve the right to refuse to answer your question :)