Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I have a confession...

Hello pretty ladies and handsome gentlemen!

It's been quite a while, hasn't it? I hate these posts where I start off apologizing cos I genuinely feel blah - anyways, so sawry! Truthfully though, now that I'm done serving, I'm not quite sure how I can keep this blog alive - unless I get steady gist from currently serving corpers or there's interesting NYSC news. Like I saw a headline the other day about a Northern governor or senator recommending that Youth Corps members should intermarry to improve unity among Nigerians. Err, really? NYSC members should purposely go out and marry someone from a different tribe to better our nation? Hey, how about a Match.com for NYSC?!?!?! When corpers register, if they're single, they could sign up online for a mate! *rolls eyes*

Anyways, what's my confession? You know how there's this rule that corps members are not allowed to leave the state where they're serving without prior approval from the State Coordinator (and if you want to leave the country, you need the NYSC DG's approval). Well, how many corpers adhere(d) to this rule - say 'Aye.' Alas, I must say a big, fat


Haha, Miss Goody-Two-Nine-West-Shoes broke rules! Yes, I sure did. I traveled out-of-state no less than 10 times, and went to Atlanta 3 times. Wha the wha WHA?

Don't make any mistake o - I served. I did my fair share, attended all my CDS sessions, came to work when I was expected, went to general CD, completed clearance and all that. BUT, at least once a month (usually general CD days) I would fly to PH for the weekend cos I wanted to rest and visit my dad. My jaunts to Atlanta were timed to whenever a new batch of corpers were in camp - during those 3 weeks, my CD didn't hold, and my employer was nice enough to let me take the time off.

So it's almost Christmas - THANK THE LORD - and I'm pretty sure a bunch of butter-corpers want to disappear for the holidays. What-to-do: square things off with your employer, make nice with your your Local Govt Inspector or other official there, and then sing Christmas songs while waving enthusiastically from the plane.

My confession wasn't even that shocking.

Toodles and smooches!

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