Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My NYSC Online Registration Experience

Hola amigos!

In my last post I announced that NYSC now has an online registration step that you have to do before heading to Abuja. Like I promised, I'm now posting a write-up from a very lovely reader who has graciously decided to share her experience. Please note that this is a long post, but you would be wise to read it thoroughly if you plan on registering for NYSC soon.

So, I’ve been looking forward to NYSC for quite a while, had some sort of extraordinary ginger. I even started a group on facebook and added friends that I knew will be serving in November Batch C 2013. Registration started on the 12th of August and something new was added…ONLINE REGISTRATION. One of my friends went to Abuja quite early and she informed the group members that the form had to be completed online BEFORE going to the NYSC office for physical verification.

Now, the form is split into 3 parts and you have to complete the first section before proceeding to the 2nd section and so on. 

The FIRST PART is the actual registration form, which is probably the easiest section to complete, in my opinion. 

I showed up a day earlier than the date I specified on my registration from but there was no wahala, so don’t let that get you stressed. *Date of Verification refers to the date that you want to report to the NYSC Headquarters in Abuja to submit your documents and registration slip.*

The SECOND PART is the Passport picture upload. MAKE SURE the picture is LESS THAN 500kb and that it is in a JPG or PNG format (pdf isn’t accepted).

The THIRD PART is the documents upload and there are 6 documents which have to be uploaded. They shouldn’t be more than 650kb and like the previous section, only JPG and PNG formats are accepted. The documents needed to complete this section are
  1.          First University Degree or HND Certificate
  2.          Complete Transcript of Degree or HND Programme
  3.          O’level Certificate (WASC, GCE, SSCE, NECO, IGCE, GCSE, High School Diploma)
  4.          Nigerian International Passport showing Entry Visa to country of study (If you have dual Passports and you didn’t need a visa to study abroad, just upload the page on your second passport which has all your details/personal data)
  5.          Nigerian International Passport showing first departure date from Nigeria (Upload the page which shows the date your passport was stamped in Nigeria before you began your University Education)
  6.          Nigerian International Passport showing Personal Data (with Date of Birth)

* PLEASE NOTE* There is a sub-section which allows you to upload any other supporting documents or corrections. My middle name was omitted from my WAEC certificate so I had to get an affidavit and upload it in this section.

Once you have completed all three sections, you will be allowed to print off your verification slip. You must take this as well as your original documents to the NYSC Office. The website says to come along with photocopies of your documents but I wasn’t asked for photocopies or passport pictures (I’ll advise you to take them though, just to be on the safe side).

Now, I was quite scared on the day I was going to Abuja as it was my first ever domestic flight and my first time in Abuja. I actually cried in the car on the way to the airport and I am not an overly emotional person, just saying. Anyways, when you get to the NYSC office, they would ask if you have registered online and printed out your verification slip, so just do it before you get there.

You aren’t allowed to take your laptops, iPads or Tablets into the building so just leave it at home or you would have to leave it with the army officers at the gate. The office is on the 1st floor and there is a woman giving out slips with numbers on them. (Respect yourself because the people in charge tend to shout and embarrass anyone who makes the slightest mistake). Go into the office when your number is called, your documents will be checked to make sure that all the information on the online form is accurate and then you are free to leave.

It is really not that deep!! The November 2013 Batch C are the guinea pigs for this online registration system which is actually quite effective. Some of the stories which you have heard from the previous batches will not be applicable to our batch, the queue wasn’t long when I went and the whole process is relatively easy if you follow the steps.

Hope you like the state you are posted to.

God Bless!

Wasn't this a WONDERFUL and most importantly, DETAILED write-up?!?! Shouts out to Tuke M! Yay, maybe you can be our spy and keep this blog current and refreshed when you start service :D

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Register for NYSC ONLINE!

Ladies and gentlemen... boys and girls... it was brought to my attention (THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!) that NYSC now offers ONLINE REGISTRATION for Foreign Grads aka Aje-Butters like you and me. Well, mostly you, because I'm done with all this, innit? :p

Anyways, of course I quickly ran to NYSC's website to confirm and there it was... shining like the sun in bright yellow (mustard actually)...

Let's scream, shout, dance, whoop, holler and jump for joy, right? Because this means no going to Abuja, right? YOU ARE WRONG!!! Registering online is just an added step to the registration process. Please see the steps as posted on the website, below. 

PLEASE NOTE: another prospective corps member has graciously written her experience with registering online and completing the registration process in Abuja. I will share it in the next post. In the meantime, she's opened a Facebook Group for 2013 Batch C Prospective Corps Members. Feel free to look it up and share your experiences and questions there as well.